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Are all the cars new?
Yes, All the cars are brand new.
Where can I service my car?
All cars come with full manufacturer bumper to bumper warranty, and can be taken to any dealer for service.
Car pickup and delivery options
Your new car can be picked up from our Brooklyn Location or we can always deliver your new vehicle to your home or office free of charge.
What bank will I be leasing my new vehicle from?
Our leases are directly with the manufacturers own finance division.
What is the process of getting my new car?
We start off by giving you the best quote possible, you fill out a credit application which you can find online or by coming to our main location. The same or next day you can pick up your new vehicle from our location.
What does "0 Down" mean?
"0 Down" signifies that there is a $0 capital cost reduction. This does not mean that there will be $0 due at signing.
What does my credit have to be to get a lease?
There is no specific guideline for credit approval. Generally you should have a credit score over 620.
Can I transfer my old plates?
Yes, request a plate transfer.